Symptom Surveys

Contact Tracing

Touchless Experience

Visitor Management

WELCOME.JRNY is a unique bundle of visitor management and reopening tools. By combining JRNY’s trusted VISITOR.JRNY module with a new OPEN.JRNY module – facilities now have a complete solution for reopening in this new environment.

Robust – Secure – Interoperable

  • Visitor Management

    • Know who is on premises in real time
    • Web & mobile registration & scheduling
    • Touchless arrival and processing of identity documents
    • Contract and Agreement workflows
    • Contactless deliveries
    • Bulk visitor handling with smart credentials
    • Background Check & Block List management
    • Room scheduling
    • Privilege Assignment
  • Touchless Environment

    • Single, digital smart-key system for entire campus
    • Highly secure, touchless transactions to Swipe, Tap, or Pay for anything
    • Smart ID ecosystem
    • Removes risk of physical transmission of virus
    • Compatible with digital and physical identifiers

Healthy – Safe – Secure


    • Federated Identity and Credential Management
    • Mobile ID app for touchless interactions
    • Identity ecosystem for personalized journeys

Symptom Surveys

    • Automatic health check-in surveys 
    • Contactless survey administration 
    • Fully customizable survey 
    • Survey prompts before access is granted
    • Data and analytics

Activity-Based Contact Tracing

    • Exposure tracing through geolocation
    • Anonymous & private 
    • Exposure notification
    • Multiple activity input sources
    • Data analytics


    • Secure check-in at scheduled and custom interval time windows
    • Geolocation radius restrictions
    • Tamper proof authentication 
    • Violation alerts
    • Movement permits
    • Symptom survey prompts

Health & Safety Rules Engine

    • Enforce capacity limits by zone
    • Automatic shift-management for groups
    • Alerts and automated communication to specific individuals or groups
    • Automatically ensure requirements are met prior to granting access
    • Emergency evacuation & mustering management
    • Integrated health checks and location monitoring 
    • Geolocation, zone, and dynamic condition rules

Data and Dashboards

    • Live Dashboard
    • Actionable data insights 
    • Custom reporting tools
    • Map based UI
    • AI data connector

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